“Using our proprietary software suite, Brook can manage your every vendor management requirement. With our secure, cloud based software solutions, you can control access and user function of a variety of services.”

Supplier Management Service

Whether attracting new suppliers or maintaining existing ones, our supplier management service allows you to take control of the boarding process. You can track the migration from initial contact right through to onboarding with complete visibility and accountability along each step.

Document Management Service

Maintain documents in the centralized secure cloud environment.  Our service allows you to assign access for individual users to allow sharing, viewing and editing of documents with automatic version control.  This one step distribution and control of documents to your suppliers can be used for example to manage: Scope of Work, procedural updates or latest health and safety standards.

Certificate of Insurance Management Service

Managing your supplier’s compliance with your insurance demands is becoming an increasingly complicated and time consuming task. With our intelligent and interactive insurance management solution, we can monitor insurance limits and types in a dynamic environment and create user specific customizable alerts for coverage lapses or limit changes.

Contracts Management Service

Our contract management service allows controls the onboarding of new suppliers contracts with live redline sessions, automatic versions control and check-in/check-out of documents. Our innovative solution is an online, interactive contract version control system that has the ability to create customizable alerts for renewal data.

Fully Customizable Solutions

Brook offers a complete Vendor Management Service from initial contact, to dilatation of work, to approved suppliers in competence specific regions, utilizing our proprietary cloud based software suite.  One of the key benefits to Brook Vendor Management Solutions over our competitors is our flexibility. Our systems are fully customizable to be Customer specific whether you want to interface with third party systems that you already use for invoice management, performance monitoring of labor or any complex reporting tasks.

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