For visionary companies seeking greater management and financial control of their workforce, Brook is transforming the talent acquisition and management industry. Brooks’ innovative private-label solutions, combined with its full disclosure pricing strategy, enables companies to build proactive relationships with quality talent and gain competitive advantage by attracting and managing the highest quality knowledge workforce.

Clients include venerable companies in over 14 countries in industries ranging from aviation to financial services, from automotive to healthcare and many others. In the end, customers who are committed to generating significant cost savings choose Brook.


Our existing clients will attest that we are not just flexible but we are effectively setting a new industry standard for response and delivery times with respect to optimization and customization of our core solutions. Our ability to tailor to our client’s needs, whether it’s interfacing to existing software platforms or adding a customer specific service, sets us apart from our competitors.


It is our belief that the quality of any product or service is only backed by the quality of the personnel behind those products. Brook is committed to ongoing staff certification & training of its key personnel. With offices centrally located in Europe and USA, we have a diverse experienced workforce with a broad understanding of our client’s needs.


Brook is uniquely positioned in the Vendor Management space in that it utilizes its own dynamic proprietary software suite. This creates a competitively priced, fully customizable and scalable solution for Vendors of any size.

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